The Arrivers – an article by Inscape Animations writer

This article by Catherine Henderson, writer of Inscape‘s upcoming new film, Roots, ties in with the work we are doing on the film.

It explores how language is used to generate a perception of threat around people seeking asylum.


Inscape Animations have made a trailer for the new film, Roots, a story of human connection and migration through time and distance.

Roots trailer

And we have started a Patreon!

This is the very beginning of our journey as a production company.

We would love for you to join us on that journey. There will be a £1 per month tier coming very soon, as well as more in-depth discussion about Roots and the extensive research that our writer, Catherine, undertook over two years, to produce her remarkable poem-script.

I will also be posting some content that delves into Suspended.