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New episode – Downward Spiral

Season 2 of The Hidden People, in general, is offering so much rich material to explore music and sound in this medium. This episode, being fantasy-rich, and also containing a gloriously silly sequence at 11:30ish, is a very good example of this! I hope you enjoy it.


Alphabet at the HEAR Now Podcast Palooza!


Here we are! Scroll to the ‘Gold Selections’ and you will find us… and the whole page has an absolute feast of audio drama. Check out Valhalla, by William Meyer!

‘Alphabet’ at the HEAR Now Festival

I was delighted to learn that Leslie McMurtry’s sensitive, well-researched audio fiction piece Alphabet has been awarded gold tier status at the HEAR Now festival of audio fiction and arts in Kansas City.

As well as scoring it, I worked closely with Leslie on the production of this historical piece, told from the point of view of a woman, one of the early settlers of America, observing the lead-up to independence as it intrudes on her personal journey. It was a great project to be on, quiet, atmospheric, understated, and beautifully read (having put some research in to the accent) by Sarah Golding.

Here is a link to the piece itself:

Alphabet, written by Leslie McMurtry, read by Sarah Golding, with music by Katharine Seaton.

The HEAR Now festival:


Season 2 of The Hidden People

The Hidden People returns for season 2. Who survived the collapse of the tower? And who might be found in the rubble? Those left standing embark on a magical quest to save the life of a friend.

Without wishing to spoil anything, I had much fun putting my traditional music first degree to use in the real world, with all that formal harmony, counterpoint and orchestration study helping me bring to life a great, colourful script by Chris Burnside, and a super performance by those who led the cast this week.

And an owl – I did an owl.

We made a new version of the theme song, too! I hope you like it.


The Hidden People Season 2 Premieres May 14

The Hidden People podcast

Dayton Writers Movement Brings Modern Fantasy to Dramatic Audio Production

Dayton Writers Movement (DWM), known for their first audio drama Unwritten and now The Hidden People returns May 14th with season 2 of its fiction podcast. Airing through all major podcast outlets across the globe, The Hidden People breathes life into a fantasy for the modern era with a cast of more than 30 acclaimed Miami Valley voice performers and a score by award-winning composer Katharine Seaton.

The Hidden People is an ongoing audio drama or fiction podcast that has been serving up its epic tale through 30-minute episodes. With 22 episodes from season 1, the show has hit over 200,000 downloads across 100+ countries. The Hidden People adds to its dramatic and emotional story with comedy, action, and fantastical characters with 22 more episodes beginning May 14th and releasing bi-weekly throughout 2020. 

DWM is proud to call…

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Suspended at the Draw Art Fair

We were very excited to learn that Suspended had won one of three Draw/Camberwell prizes and was to be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery as part of the Draw Art Fair. Unfortunately, this had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, and is taking place on Instagram instead.

Here’s a link to the post showing Suspended

Sunday Tribune article on Her Indoors

Here’s a review that impressively comments on every single one of the 47 tracks on the Her Indoors album.

If you haven’t yet heard about the Her Indoors project, many artists contributed work to raise money for domestic abuse victims during lockdown. It’s only a fiver, so consider supporting it!

I – along with The Hidden People podcast – contributed the sole retro soundtrack item among many cool and edgy experimental works! As I have said in the previous post, the reason we chose this one was that the character – Samantha Mulligan – grew up in an abusive home and joined the police as a response to that.

Her Indoors

The international group of womxn composers, music producers, song writers, sound designers and audio engineers, Women Composers Collective, has released an album called Her Indoors. It will raise money for domestic abuse victims, who find themselves trapped in unsafe homes now that we are under the Covid lockdown. A second volume is already planned, as there has been such a tremendous response from artists.

Jude Cowan Montague, who also drew the image on this post, conceived and curated the project, and many of the WCC contributed to the 47 tracks.

I will be saying more about this project between now and the full release of the album on May 26th, but for now, here it is, all ready to pre-order. It is £5, and all of the money we raise will go to charities working for domestic abuse victims.


The Hidden People returns!

Season 2 of The Hidden People will launch on May 14th. I’ve been working hard since Christmas on this second season of the show, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Both the sound and the music go even further than before.

If you haven’t done so yet, do check out my in-depth discussion of artistic choices and techniques in a key action sequence in season 1. I’ve been getting some unexpected – but very welcome! – feedback from several places that it was absorbing and fun to listen to.

It can be found here: