The Hidden People, episode 13

The latest Hidden People episode is out today. There’s more information on the story world for the audience, as the characters move into their new normal.
I plan on doing some posts talking about the music in this series before long. I am finding it incredibly satisfying to support and enhance the writers’ work in telling a long, complex story by thinking long-term in my scoring. I really want to share what I’m learning about musical development over a long media series.
But, for now, here are some points of nerdiness on the sound and music in this episode:
  • I play the flute (a rarity!) – listen for it in Nissa’s new age music.
  • It is a Foley-rich ep: my recording cupboard got so full of props that I couldn’t get myself in it!
  • Sam’s music has a new answering phrase at 26:26… what is it saying…?
  • This is the first time we hear elements of Thomas’s music and the Nissa/Alfie “sleuthy” music combine. Most other character themes have already combined musically before this point.
  • The stepping sideways sound was constructed by placing a microphone inside my piano and picking up the reverberations (one of my favourite sound design tricks). I recorded chords that I could potentially build around with scoring when this sound effect happens at the same time as music. And then did a lot of messing around in the computer! I used the sideways step with music in episodes 11 and 12, but this is the first time you hear it alone. Or… is it…?!


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